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Footbal Betting Tips

Ready to bet on some American football? Millions of dollars are wagered on American football every year, and with good reason. Football betting creates some of the most thrilling action in all of sports and you can be a part of it. It is similar to playing online poker tournaments and takes your breath away the same way. If youíre going to dive into the world of American football betting, here are some top football betting tips (American).

Top Football (American) Betting Tips No. 1: Injury Reports

American football is a bruising game, and injuries matter. If a teamís star quarterback goes down, it could mean the end of their season. You must know the injury report for both teams before betting on a game, same as in poker games. You also need to understand what the various statuses mean (day-to-day, questionable, etc.). One key injury can make all the difference.

Top Football (American) Betting Tips No. 2: Weather

Weather probably has more of an effect on football than any other sport. Many teams now play in domes, but when a team is playing outdoors in cold weather and they arenít used to it, it can seriously affect how many points they score. When New Yourk Yankees come to Green Bay or Chicago, donít be surprised if the line is pushed a few points against the New York team.

Top Football (American) Betting Tips No. 3: Home Field

You have to give a little edge to the home team in a football game. Football is a game of emotion, and a cheering crowd can give serious energy to everyone on the home team, which can make a big difference in critical plays. Other factors, like playing under certain weather conditions or playing on grass vs. playing on turf, can similarly confer an advantage to the home team. One popular but not proven way to bet on football is to bet ďhome dogs,Ē meaning take all the teams on the ticket that are getting points while playing at home.

Top Football(American) Betting Tips No 4: Matchups

Keep an eye out for lopsided matchups. If an all-pro receiver is lined up against a rookie cornerback, the defense may make adjustments, but the offense could have a big day. Conversely, an interception-prone quarterback up against a quick secondary could make it a long day for that offense.

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